Audiovisual installation / Yumbo ritual
Sculpture, multi-channel video, sound
180 minutes
Collaboration with the Yumbo people of Cotocollao

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 1.35.22 PM

Yumbada is a collaboration between the Yumbo People of Cotocollao and Fidel Eljuri.
”La danza de las monta├▒as”┬á┬áis a ritual tradition of the Yumbo people┬áin the beginning of the solstices every year, to give gratitude to the crops, water and land. They evokes the spirits of the Andes mountains through their dance and music.
The installation translates visually the ritual through 3D reconstructions of the each mountain based in satellite images and real time graphics controlled by the sounds of the drum and Pingullo, the only two music instruments to guide the ritual.

Visuals by Fidel Eljuri
Dance and music by La Yumbada de Cotocollao

Thanks to Diego Simba├▒a and Fanny Morales for the support.
Comissioned by “Cumand├í Parque Urbano”,┬á part of the “Espiritualidades en Quito” project.