Audiovisual installation
2-ch HD projection / 4-ch Sound
5 minutes, loop


Kitwa aims to highlight the action of understanding the universe through its cycles, finding balance between man and nature as the basis of a worldview.
The installation is an audiovisual representation of the sun and the moon based on the archeoastronomical studies of the equatorial Andes.
The projections interacts in real time with the people depending on where they are standing at.

Yawirak: Sun representation

quitucara (

Wanakauri: Moon representation


Visuals: Fidel Eljuri
Music: Inomoxo
Technical supervision: Felipe Cevallos, Gino Imagino
Special thanks to José Luis Jácome, Tania Navarrete, Daniel Bardo, Hormiga and the VFFF14 crew for the support.

Commissioned by the 5th festival of visual creation “VFFF14”. Baños de Agua Santa, Ecuador.