Site- & date-specific audiovisual installation
Sculpture/ 2-ch HD projection / 4-ch Sound
20 minutes, loop


Geocéntrica explores iconographies of the Andean wisdom related to the sun.
The installation takes place at the Itchimbia hill, a historical place with a 360º view of the equinoctial valley of Quito. On December 21, when the last solstice of the year is celebrated, in which the position of the Sun in the sky is at the greatest angular distance from the celestial equator, a natural phenomenon that is contemplated and studied from this hill since ancient times because of its favorite location.


Direction: Fidel Eljuri
Production: Katerina Ruales
Music: Inomoxo
Film: Vico Salazar, Charic Praa
Visuals: Anabel Uyana, Fidel Eljuri, Jackson Tenezaca
Special thanks to Gabriel Roldós, Ángel Angamarca, Javier Gavilanez, Nestor Grefa, Juan Diego Esparza, Luis Lalon, Sonia Cayambe, Jose Villa, Patricia Sandoval y Chiquitín.

Commissioned by Centro Cultural Itchimbía, part of the “Music from the stars” project.